CLEVELAND – It has been three weeks since the tragic shooting at Chardon High School that left three students dead and two others seriously injured.

Though time has passed, Clevelanders have not forgotten and in typical fashion have stepped up to the plate, literally.

Dinner in the Dark and Chefs for Chardon held a charity dinner in two different locations, but for one great cause. Dinner in the Dark held its charity dinner at Amp 150. More than 25 chefs honed their culinary skills and the people ate it up.

Brian Okin Executive Chef at the Fountain in Moreland Hills said chefs are so giving and they really appreciate the communities support so it is important for the chefs to support the community in need.

Kimberly McCune Gibson, a chef at the Hungry Bee, also echoed those sentiments. She said she believes Dinner in the Dark is so important to the community and would love to take part in as many charity dinners as she can.

All proceeds from these dinners will help aid the victims that were involved in the Chardon shooting.

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