“It’s like an open mic jam session for chefs"



Dinner in the Dark, Cleveland’s latest foodie fascination, brings together six different chefs each month, cooking together, often for the first time, at a different restaurant.

Dinner in the Dark, behind co-creators Brian Okin and Jeff Jarrett, brings together Cleveland’s chefs and food lovers to share their passion and compassion. Once a month we host a six course dinner created by six local chefs. The participating chefs and the menu for the evening is not revealed until the guests arrive, keeping them ‘in the dark’.

An impromptu dinner designed to stimulate your palate and surprise your taste buds by offering you no idea of what you will eat or drink or who will be cooking for you. Imagine allowing yourself to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy great food and wine from some of Cleveland’s best chefs, by allowing them to indulge in their most inner creativeness and challenge your senses.

Each course is complemented by a carefully selected wine or artisan cocktail.

Ticket proceeds benefit a local charity chosen by the participating chefs.

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